As a bit of a sidenote, I think we need to establish just exactly what rape is before we can fully address this. In Texas, and maybe elsewhere, "rape" involves unwanted or forced penetration of the victim. Therefore, in the above situation, the police technically can't bring her up on charges of "rape" cause she didn't actually commit rape but sexual assault. Unless she used a broomstick or something, but I digress. She could get charged with some form of sexual assault, but not with the exact same crime that a man who raped a woman could get charged with. Just making sure we get the legal side of the issue, too.

Shoulda updated this awhile ago, when I looked it up, but I forgot to.

Texas changed its sexual assault rules a few years ago. Legally, now, penetrating something of someone else is equal to causing them to penetrate you, or just causing them to touch your genitals in any way without consent. So, women are just as capable, legally, to commit rape as men are.

I just wanted to get the legal point in. I'll leave social commentary to all the other, better writeups here.