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After undue consideration, I've came to the conclusion that an analysis of my personality must follow. If you're familiar with personality typing, you'll recognize where I get my insights.

First of all, I'm introverted. Yep, one of those people who have problems voicing their thoughts to others. I've gotten better at it, though, and my recent involvement in E2 should be flooring proof.

Second, I prefer what can't be sensed to what can be. In other words, I'll go with intuition before raw facts any day. Call it escapism. I'll call it interesting.

Lastly, I'm a thinker. That means I use thought to come to conclusions, not feelings. That means I'm the cold, analytical type who believes that ideas are more important than people, regardless of where ideas come from. Unfortunately, I tend to be a sucker for humor, though, and go out of my way to appear stupid for a good laugh. But that also means I'm human. Go figure.

I'm pretty open to opinions, however. Gotta keep life spicy. I've endeavored, for years, to design and create new systems; I've dabbled in quantum mechanics, government, computer science (programming in C, C++, Java, Obj-C, data structures. Yeah, high-level stuff.), neurology, chaos theory, relativity, music theory and composition, graphic design, mythology, story development, drama, cognition, economics, web development, theology, paradox theory, and probably a whole head-full of other things that would probably bore you.

If you'd like to say anything interesting at me (or ask an interesting question), go ahead.