I was at a party with some old friends from school, in a house in the middle of the country. Indoors it was only lit with candles, and we were talking in low voices over a large dark wooden table. Suddenly another group of people that we knew arrived, some of whom I hadn't seen since we graduated 8 years ago. They had brought enough acid for everyone at the party, but people were worried that it was contaminated.

Lindsay and I left the party and flew to England on Ryanair, to go meet my friend Jake. When we arrived there I realized I hadn't brought anything with me - no passport, money, luggage, anything. I didn't even know when our return flight was. We went to an Internet cafe to try and call him, but at first I couldn't remember his number, and then when I did, the phone stopped working. All I could hear at the other end, no matter how many times I hung up and dialled again, was the heavy breathing of a man and woman having sex.

I tried logging into my email account to send him a message, and a strange login box popped up, and I typed my username and password. Nothing happened. Then when I logged into Everything, I discovered that someone had used my username and password to post ascii porn writeups using my account. Not only that, but one of them, a menage of several different bodies and positions, had been C!d by Jet-Poop, along with a message saying "This is great!".