I was trapped upstairs with my partner in the house I had lived in for 13 years. It had been a sunny summer's day, but then a sudden storm came, and everything next to the open windows inside the house was drenched. I looked out of the window and I saw that the room underneath ours was on fire, started by an electrical short circuit, and I knew we had to get out of there really quickly.

We managed to climb on to the roof of the garage, and from there we could get to the ground and back into the house. I turned on the garden hose and pointed it at the main body of the fire, and then ran through the house closing the windows and turning off appliances. A lot of the electrical outlets were fizzing and sparking because of the rain. When I came back to the burning room, the fire had gone out, and there was nothing except thick black smoke.

After so much excitement and panic, we had to calm down. I was feeding the cats in the back garden, and I noticed that one of them was my mother's cat, Sheena, a gorgeous tortoiseshell-and-white persian who died when I was 14. She often appears in my dreams, and I always remember that she is supposed to be dead, and it usually signifies some kind of decay, something bad about to happen. This time was no exception.

I was feeling my teeth with my tongue, and I noticed one of them was loose. I wiggled it with my fingers, and it grew looser until I realized it was going to come out. A soft pop, and I was staring at it in my hand. The root was black, and my mouth started to fill up with black liquid which was bleeding from my gums. I ran inside to look in the mirror. Another tooth was loose, and came out as soon as I touched it. The root was also black, and I had to spit more black liquid into the sink. This was really starting to get disturbing. "I really have to make an appointment with my dentist," I thought. I felt around in my mouth again, and another tooth came out. I was starting to panic. "I'm going to be so ugly that Lindsay won't love me, she won't even want to look at me!"

That last tooth was a bad one. There were shards left in my gums, which seemed to be turning into some kind of soft organic pudding. As I picked them out one by one, I caught hold of another of my molars, and an entire section of my jaw seemed to come loose. I realized my whole face was falling apart, and I started to scream "Oh my god, oh my god..." - I realized that I was fucked, that my only chance, the only chance I had left, was if this was a dream...let it be a dream, please god let this be a dream...

I woke up with a kind of spasm, and sat up saying "Fucking hell, fuck fuck fuck, god fucking damn it", and for the next five minutes I couldn't stop feeling my teeth to make sure they weren't loose. I've had several nightmares about my face falling to pieces and it doesn't get any easier to deal with.