Lindsay was reading Through The Looking Glass, and telling me "This is so fucked up - Alice in Wonderland is just stupid, but this book is different - Lewis Carroll had such a strange mind." I was writing a story on small pieces of paper and little notepads. I was checking into a plush hotel with gold counters and a marble floor, and a bored-looking, suspicious clerk told me that he had to transcribe my story notes to process my payment. I was afraid he would read my descriptions of a sunset and think that I was stupid.

When I left the hotel I got on a bus which drove all the way through the city centre and out towards the suburbs where I lived. The city was a strange mixture of many cities I've been in - London, Amsterdam, Dublin, Paris, crowded with buildings and traffic and people, the offices and churches and hotels leaning into the street and blocking out the sunlight. I looked out of the window and saw a gigantic bendy three-sectioned double decker bus trying to turn a corner at a busy intersection. It was full of kids yelling, but I don't think they were scared. They were on a school trip. I noticed that Lindsay's ex-boyfriend Misa was on the bus with me, and I sat down next to him and we talked. I feel a lot of warmth towards Misa in the dream, and I think it must be because in my subconscious mind he's become confused with an old friend of mine called Stephanos who looks very similar. I went past my stop so that I could get off the bus with Misa and walk part of the way home with him. I thought "Lindsay is going to think this is really strange!". I asked him which way he lived, and he pointed up over the top of a distant hill that looked like a scene out of Myst - there was a futuristic observatory surrounded by small trees, and the sun was shining off the glass. I knew I was going to end up going there, and I hoped I'd be able to find my way back home again.