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mission drive within everything
If I had one of these it'd mean I thought about everything befor I do it. I don't.
None really
If I had one I'd have buisness cards to hand out, I don't have buisness cards, so I must not have a motto.
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I'm a theater geek, but I prefer backstage work because I can't handle that sort of attention.
I'm in to comic books, but you'd never guess it from looking at me.
When I say I love every type of music I'm not lying, my collection has everything from Feist to Biggie Smalls, all I ask for is talent.
I'm a bibliophile to an extent it hurts both my pocket book and relationships, just recently I took all the clothes out of my closet to make more shelf space.
I tend to say stupid things when I'm nervous, and stupid things when I'm comfortable, really I'm just an awkward person.
I'm a terrible speller, probably because I have cheated on every spelling test I have ever taken.
My saxophone is my baby.

And I'm more normal then you could ever imagine.