Alfred Bester in addition to the above is not a complete asshole, just mostly.

Note that much of the information given below can be found in the series of Babylon 5 Novels dealing with the birth of the Psi Corps.

Bester is the son of the two primary founders of the resistance. When I say resistance I mean the resistance movement to the Psi Corps. Bester is the grandson of the primary founder of the Psi Corps, who was a United States senator.

After his parents died in a raid, Bester was recovered by the Psi Corps. He was recovered by his grandfather after the operative sent to recover him had a change of heart. Said operative was eliminated and Bester was quickly placed into the corps training program.

The rest of Bester's career is covered on the television show Babylon 5

At some point later in life, Bester loses his memory after trying to flee from men sent by Garibaldi in France. Bester then proceeds to live a life as an artist for a few years, slowly regaining his memory. Three years later, by chance he meets Michael Garibaldi.

Needless to say, a confrontation occured.

He dies a few years later at the rebuilt Psi Corp facilities on Earth.