I participate in an IRC community focused on doujinshi, and I notice newcomers who are not familiar with Japanese terms frequently make the mistake of using doujin and doujinshi interchangably. Doujinshi are not doujins.

To clarify:
- A doujin is a group of people sharing a common interest.
- A doujinshi is the publication created by such a group.

Also, note that some people write the Japanese "ou" as "ô". Both forms are perfectly acceptable. However, "ô" is not the same as "o". While both "o" and "ou"/"ô" sound like the long o sound as in "owe" or "foe", "ou"/"ô" is spoken for twice as long as "o". Since the length of Japanese syllables is significant, this is a definite difference that those not familiar with the language might miss. Doujinshi is not the same as dojinshi. Doujin is not the same as dojin.

Please realise that I'm not trying to say that people who make this mistake are in any way stupid. I merely wish to point out their mistake so they can become more familiar with the terms, and avoid this mistake in the future.

Reference: www.zerocube.com