Meaning of "Hexen"

The German word for "witch" is "Hexe". "Hexen" as a noun is the plural form, and therefore translates as "witches". "Hexen" is also a verb meaning "to practice witchcraft". A "Hexenmeister" is a sorceror or wizard. "Hexerei" means witchcraft, sorcery, or magic.

Weapons in the Game

Fighter's Weapons:
- Spiked Gauntlets - You start out with these. Baratus is very strong and can kill weak enemies swiftly with his mighty fists.
- Timon's Axe - An axe with a glowing blue aura. If you run out of blue mana, the aura will go away until you get more. The axe still works without mana, but isn't as strong.
- Hammer of Retribution - With this weapon, you can throw exploding hammers or just beat someone's skull in with it. I suspect that it's based on the legendary hammer of Thor.
- Quietus - A huge black sword with a flaming green aura. When Baratus swings Quietus, a spread of five razor sharp blades with the same green aura fly out, causing massive damage to anyone they hit.

Cleric's Weapons:
- Mace of Contrition - Parias begins his quest carrying this mace. It's not as good a weapon as Baratus' fists, but it still allows you to beat down enemies that come too close.
- Serpent Staff - This weapon has a large green eye that actually blinks, as if the staff is alive. It has two functions. At a distance, it fires balls of venom at an enemy. Up close, it actually allows you to drain your enemies' life, like a vampire.
- Firestorm - With this spell, Parias can lift his flaming hands and immerse an enemy in holy fire.
- Wraithverge - The most powerful cleric weapon, this staff allows you to summon the spirits of the dead to your aid. These spirits fly around and suck health from those that they touch. Sometimes known as Justifier.

Mage's Weapons:
- Sapphire Wand - A silver wand with a large sapphire on the end. It doesn't do very much damage, but it's the only starting weapon that can be used at long range. The beams it fires can pierce an enemy and keep going.
- Frost Shards - Daedolon throws a large spread of frigid shards that can transform an enemy into solid ice.
- Arc of Death - This spell gives Daedolon the power to throw lightning bolts. When a lightning bolt hits an enemy, it will lock on, continuing to do damage until the lighting fades.
- Bloodscourge - The master weapon of a mage is this staff adorned with a demon skull clasping a bloody red orb in its horns. It creates fireballs that home in on enemies and do massive damage, often bursting weak ones from the inside out.

Cast of Characters in the Game

- Baratus - The good fighter.
- Parias - The good cleric.
- Daedolon - The good mage.
- Ettin - Two headed thugs with maces.
- Afrit - Flaming winged demons that shoot multiple fireballs at a time.
- Centaur - Centaurs with shields and helmets. They have claws rather than hooves.
- Slaughtar - Like the Centaurs, but with a projectile attack.
- Wendigo - Dwarves made of ice that can freeze you solid.
- Chaos Serpent - Dragon-like creatures. They come in green and brown.
- Stalker - Swamp creatures that hide underwater.
- Stalker Leader - Stalkers with a projectile attack.
- Dark Bishop - Levitating robed people that fire a magical attack.
- Death Wyvern - Undead dragon that flies and breathes powerful fireballs.
- Heresiarch - Big robed demons with powerful magic.
- Zedek - The evil fighter.
- Traductus - The evil cleric.
- Menelkir - The evil mage.
- Korax - The final boss.

Difficulty Settings

A cool touch in the game is that the names of the five difficulty settings change depending on what class you choose to play as. If nothing else, you have fifteen interesting terms to investigate.

Fighter's Difficulty Settings:
- Squire
- Knight
- Warrior
- Berserker
- Titan

Cleric's Difficulty Settings:
- Altar Boy
- Acolyte
- Priest
- Cardinal
- Pope

Mage's Difficulty Settings:
- Apprentice
- Enchanter
- Sorceror
- Warlock
- Archimage

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