I had some more weird dreams last night. The particularly weird one, and hence the one I remember clearest, is the one about Mike. It's strange because I only know Mike from IRC, and he doesn’t even live on the same continent as I do.

In the dream, my mother is very ill. My friend Mike invites me to dinner. I decide to go, and for whatever reason I do not tell my mother this. I have the distinct feeling she'll be very upset with me if she finds out. Still, I figure she is too ill to notice where I go. Mike drives up in an old blue car and we go off to his place for dinner. His dining room has a small table, and a window that looks out over a swimming pool. There is a third man there, I don’t know who he is supposed to be. I don’t recall how he or Mike looked, aside that they had short black hair much like myself. The three of us sit down to dinner. I remember one of the things we ate was macaroni and cheese. At one point I pondered if I was being poisoned, but nothing bad seemed to happen and we finished our meal.

Mike drives me back home and I sneak back into the house. Later, I'm sitting at the table with my mother, and she lets on that she knew where I was. Instead of being angry though, she tells me Mike is my father. I'm more confused than anything. I ask, "So Dad isn’t really my father?". My mother indicates that this is correct. Again, I ask, "Are you sure?". My mother again indicates that yes, she is sure.

The dream comes to an end. I think I might have actually awakened momentarily at that point. It's totally screwed up. As I settle back down, another dream scene comes into view. I can hardly remember this one.

I'm playing some sort of backyard war game with some other people my age. It’s kind of like a squirt gun fight, but with different weapons. The only one I can remember was the slimy gelatinous blobs that we threw at each other.

Scene changes again.

I’m at my computer, beginning a game of Commander Keen. The levels are totally different, and I can’t remember there being any monsters, just traps. After completing a level or two, I’ve got Keen on the world map screen, which has blue rocks and mountains. I bring Keen down to the farthest south area of the map, and there are two huge volcanoes there, spewing fireballs across the landscape. I make Keen enter the level, and the level is on one of the volcanoes, with fireballs coming down from above.

After that, I see one last thing, more vividly remembered.

I am at my computer, but this time there is a white screen with check boxes on it. The check boxes are each labeled with some article of military gear. I put checks on Dark Grey Uniform, Helmet, and Boots.

Then I wake up.