SmarterChild has many useful shortcuts that you can use to help you get the information you need without having to type complete sentences.

To get the dictionary definition of any word:
"define word"

To get thesaurus information for any word:
"syn word"

To look any word up in an encyclopedia:
"encyclopedia word"

For any stock quotes:
"quote WEBX"

For local weather or local forecast:
(You must supply SmarterChild with a ZIP Code the first time you use this feature, but after the first time he will remember)

For local movies, theaters, and showtimes:
(ZIP Code rule applies here as well)

There are many more, probably for just about every feature he has, but these few will usually get you the information you need much faster than any kind of web search.

07-12-2002: I just recieved word that SmarterChild is no longer active on AOL/AIM. R.I.P. He is still availible with MSN Instant Messenger, or you can use him online at , but the efficiency of using the AIM client is now obviously gone =(