(I just ordered a new computer, it is being shipped today)

My new computer arrives in the mail. For some reason, my roommate goes to pick it up from the mail room. I wait in my dorm and soon my roommate arrives with the first package, the monitor. As he leaves to get the other box, I eagerly unpack the monitor.

I am crushed. The monitor has a four inch screen, and there is a Macintosh logo on it. I don't think this is what I ordered. I start to set it up anyway. As I put it on the desk, I get a glimpse of the back side. It is just like the front, screen and all, only the back has buttons that you would normally find on an alarm clock surrounding the screen (FM, AM, snooze, time, alarm, etc.). Worst monitor ever. I think to myself, "Hey, at least it's a flat screen," and finish setting it up as my roommate arrives with the computer.

The rest of the computer inexplicably did not come in a box. My roommate carries the tower by a random cord coming out the back of it and tosses it on the floor. We all find it odd that there is no box. "Whatever." I set everything up, and turn it on.

More dissapointments. There is some kind of alien, Voodoo-WinXP installed that takes an incredibly amount of time to boot up. I feel myself ageing. When it finally starts, I can NOT for the life of me figure out how to change the resolution so my miniscule monitor can handle it.

(Maybe you too have had a dream that parallels some real event so when you wake up you believe for a few minutes that the dream was true. As I woke up, I was quite dissapointed. Then I remembered that it was only a dream, and in reality my new computer WILL rock.)

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