If you should follow a certain road through the forest, eventually you would come to a grassy field. And next to that field, among the normal trees of the forest, is a garden. This is the garden of Led Zeppelin.

I walk down the road towards the opening in an old wooden fence to enter the field. The sound of a gentle waterfall is the only thing missing from the total serenity. When I enter the field, I notice the enormous trees scattered about it. Their leaves form a canopy which filters the mid-day sunlight. The light comes down green on gold, the color of summer.

Where the edge of the field meets the forest again, the sunlight reaches through the canopy of the field. A bit deeper into the forest, I can see one of the trees in the garden. It is tall and reaches above the other trees around it, the brances bearing dark scarlet flowers. I know that each plant in this garden that was created from Led Zeppelin's music, and each one represents a single songs. I can't tell which song that giant tree is, but I know it's a beautiful one.

I lay down on the grass bordering the forest and lift the low branches of an evergreen, looking for another song. To my joy, I find one. It's only a small plant, with a single stem and broad, solitary leaf below the red flower on top. I wonder what song it is.

A meandering insect accidentally flys into my ear. Startled, I fall to my back in the grass and brush it out. When I sit up, two feet away through the branches, I see the head and neck of a rouge African gazelle staring at me. It thinks I don't see it. I chuckle at it.

"Go away."

It still stands there, hoping it is undetected, and I chuckle a bit harder as I wave my arm.

"Hey, I can SEE you! Go away!"

The gazelle gets the hint and sprints away, and, unfortunately, I wake up.