A couple of dreams involving my former elementary and junior high schools last night.

My junior high was very close to my house, only about four or five blocks. In the first dream, somehow I am walking through the forest that would encounter if you were to walk in a direct line from the school to my house. I seem to be drunk. The distance is also much larger than it should be. I'm getting past the mid-way point of my journey, when I stumble into some kind of graveyard. It is intensely surreal. It is lit the same way the night sky is sometimes lit in the winter when it is very overcast and there's snow all over the ground (there's no snow in the dream, of course). The graveyard is landscaped like a town park with graves popping up everywhere. There are wandering paths, pretty trees, some terraces, and a beautiful gazebo with a grass floor and various graves in it. One thing I have noticed if my dreams involve grass, it always seems to be very green and lush, as it was in this dream. All in all, it is very pretty and relaxing. I'm not afraid of the graveyard (similar to real life; call me weird, but for some reason I find them very calming), and I continue walking through it and back into the dark forest towards my house. I start to run, and the branches are smacking me all over. Just as I can glimpse my house and backyard through the trees...

It is now full daylight, and I am standing in the backyard next to my house. Running around the yard is some king of seal-looking creature. Yes, it looks just like a miniature seal, but it is moving a lot faster than a seal could on land, more like a dog. The seal wants to attack me. I grab the backdoor and pull, but it's locked and I'm trapped outside. The seal comes closer and lunges at me. I catch it in midair and grapple with it, noticing how very shiny and oily its coat is, particularly on top of its head. Eventually, I lose a little control of it and it chomps down on my left hand. I wake up to find my left hand tangled in a blanket and fighting with my right hand. It is pretty funny now that I think about it... =)

I go back to sleep, and later I dream that I am accompanying my kid brother, who is actually in 8th-grade, through the end of one of his 4th-grade classes. It's kind of normal, except that there's only two or three other kids in the class. One of them is a girl who has a crush on my brother. They are giving a sort of presentation where they go sit on a big stool at the front of the class and sing a song that is written on the chalkboard. My brother is last. He doesn't like to sing, though, so as he goes up and hits play on a tape player that has an original recording of the song. He sits on the stool and lip-synches the words. I find it hilarious, but it doesn't really impress the teacher, or the girl who likes him.

Class eventually ends and the kids start packing up. I lose track of my brother. I can't find him in the room. I am now pissed off, because I want to get out of this stupid school and go home. I look around in the halls, and eventually find him in another classroom. I tell him to hurry his ass up, and we come back to his classroom to get his backpack and other things. My best friend from my hometown is there, talking with a few other random people who have appeared. The next class (even though the day is over?) starts to filter in, and a blonde girl who is supposed to be in fourth grade walks in. She looks much older and much hotter than any fourth-grader I've ever seen (phew), and she gives me a nice sexy glance. My brother, my friend, and I all leave. My friend walks out more quickly than my brother and I, and he is out of the building while we are still far behind down the hall.

When my brother and I finally exit, we find ourselves in a somewhat different scene. The sun is at its brightest, as usual, and in a small parking lot in front of us, my arch-nemesis from grade and high school, Brandon Brach, is washing his family's big crappy blue minivan, accompanied by the rest of his family and another kid I didn't get along with so well in high school. I really fucking hate Brach. My best friend is standing up close and observing, and he has already been soaked by the hose. I watch from a moderate distance, knowing Brach wouldn't have the balls to spray me.

... but the other kid does, for some reason. He sprays me, and now I'm wet and very pissed off. I play it cool, because I don't really want to fight his whole family. I start to walk away. A little boy about 8 years old, apparently a relative of Brach, then starts to harass me. I can't take it anymore. I nail him in the solar plexus. The kid, however, is unfazed, and says something mocking along the lines of, "That would have been good: if you had actually hit me." Brach and his friend appear, and they throw what look to be fat, black, extremely blunt darts with no fins on them at me. One sticks in my right pectoral, and the other just to the right of it near my shoulder. It doesn't really hurt, even though they are very much buried in my flesh. I pull the darts out, ready for more action, and then I wake up.