RattlerRace is a single player puzzle game of the Snake genre for the Microsoft Windows OS. Each level has blue walls in various places, between zero and three other computer controlled snakes, 0-3 bouncing red balls and some small, red apples. You can control your snake with either the mouse or the keyboard arrow keys.

To make the game interesting, there are a certain number of red apples on the screen at random points. When all of these are collected, an exit the width of your snake appears at the top of the playing area, which you must manoeuvre into to pass to the next level. Each time you pick up an apple or complete a level, you get points; sometimes a red apple will turn golden, and gives you more points if you pick it up.

You can die by:

  • Touching another snake with your head
  • Running your head into a blue wall
  • Running your head into your body

RattlerRace came with the Microsoft Custom Entertainment Pack, and was created by Christopher Lee Fraley with Visual BASIC in 1991.

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