Note that I don't normally sound so angsty about this kind of thing, but nukes scare the shit out of me.

Their bleached faces stare confusedly through the dust
And they know what will happen to them
For all those who breathe the dust surely must
Fade out as subtly as anything

They watch as the sky lights up beautifully
And they watch the rising ball of fire
And the ones who were standing in the wood
Found themselves on an open pyre
And the rest of them knowingly stood their ground
To die in action, it's their fate

They said that there was no escape
"Ninety nine percent killed", they claimed
Though those who returned to their families
Were always quite badly maimed.
They'd lie in bed at night, and would dream
Of a world where all had a chance to live
But now to list the dead would need an entire paper ream
There were lots of nightmares and restless nights
As those in action dreamed of lost fights
Fought in lost cause because everyone knew
Those who could win were very much few.

So what can we learn
From the old atom bomb, other than that human nature
Is inherently bad, and shall always yearn
To fall down on the other side?
Perhaps what we must do
Is settle for peace, and existence, which is very dull
After all, it's much saner than fighting for death
And taking part in one big cull.