Fyrad 32 is a freeware bit of software by Peter Sunna which allows you to play Connect 4 between two humans, or against a computer. The two modes in which Fyrad 32 can be used are normal mode and network mode.

Normal mode
In normal mode, you can play against the computer, or play a 2-player game with someone sitting next to you. There are six different AI personalities, listed here, easiest first:

  1. Stupid Joe
  2. Weak Tim
  3. Calm Emma
  4. Cool Eric
  5. Smart Lisa
  6. Super Pete
In addition to the AI personalities, there are 'levels' which can be set. The level you set is how many moves ahead the computer searches. Using the Advanced button allows you to tweak the computer players to your exact liking.

Network mode
In network mode, you can connect to someone else, either over a LAN or across the Internet. You put in the other person's IP address, choose a port (default 1977), then either wait for an incoming connection or connect to the other person. Having done so, you can play each other.
Note that there are no built-in chat facilities or timers, so if you're planning on trash talking or playing a blitz, it's not too brilliant.

Where to get it
Fyrad 32 is available from the official web site at:


The contents of this writeup are in the public domain.