I can't believe it's not noded!

Come Outside is a fairly old (though not that old) children's edutainment TV show. It is generally shown during the morning (9AM-10AM), presumably so schools can record the show and then playback the video to young kids (at least that's what they did at my school). Each episode had its own title - two examples are "Natural Materials" and "Marmalade".

The show basically revolves around a cheery lady in her fifties (Aunt Mabel), with a grey and white dog called Pippin, and an aeroplane decorated with five colours of polka dots. They live in a small house/cottage in the middle of a field. Every episode, woman and dog would take off into the skies and fly off somewhere, to such fascinating places as1:

The flying away part of the show would normally be in the form of an animation, which would then segue into their arrival at their destination. Then the duo would walk around, and ask people what they were doing and how it all worked:

"So, what do you do here?"
"Well, first we take all the newspapers. Then we put them all in a big pile."
"Oooh! Look at all those newspapers, Pippin!"
"Then these big scoops come and put the papers into a tank, where toxic deinking chemicals are added. The paper is then transported to this tank, where water is added to wash away the ink and chemicals, leaving scrappy blank paper."
"And then what happens?"
"We put the paper into this machine here." (points at large machine not unlike an oven)
"And that dries the paper, doesn't it?"
"Yes, that's right!"

Aunt Mabel can come across as pushy, or nosey, though it isn't intended in a nasty way, and the guided tours of toothpaste factories more than make up for it. Anyway, that's the whole point of the show. To round off, here's a typical television guide entry for the show:

9:45am Come Outside - "Sewage"
Auntie Mabel has the unsavoury job of cleaning up Pippin the Dog's mess and putting it down the lavatory. The investigative pair are intrigued to find out where the dirty water goes, and so follow their noses to a sewage treatment plant to learn more about the poop process.

1 I didn't make up any of those places; Mabel and Pippin seem to have a particular soft spot for primary and secondary industries.