Chocolate milk, is a delicious, divine, rich, heavenly, smooth, soulful, all around wonderful drink. There are several different varieties, ranging from 99 cent crap you find on the shelf at the corner store, that doesn't even deserve the moniker chocolate milk, to the incredible concoction that you laboured over for at least twenty minutes, the kind that comes straight out of your soul. Chocolate milk, can be created in several different ways. One way is to melt chocolate, pour said chocolate into a cup, then add milk. This method, in my opinion, is more trouble than it's worth.

My favorite method, the tried and true way, Hershey's Chocolate Syrup squirted into a tall glass of milk. The amounts of both ingredients can vary tremendously from the meek 9 parts milk, 1 part chocolate mixture that says "I can't make a good glass of chocolate milk to save my life." Or you have tooth decay. Then there's the 9 parts chocolate 1 part milk "Death by Chocolate." It's so intense, I needed to capitalise "Chocolate" in that last sentence, just to convey the sheer intensity of this monster of a drink.

And then there's powdered cocoa mix. The worst way to make chocolate milk. It is much better suited for hot chocolate, as the powder doesn't distribute evenly in cold milk. In fact the only way to make a halfway decent cup of chocolate milk with powdered cocoa mix, is to make hot chocolate out of it, then refrigerate. ( I would like to make an amendment to this statement. I had written this before I had tried using Ovaltine hot chocolate mix, to make chocolate milk. Ovaltine works for chocolate milk. And it works well.) Chocolate milk is a very intimate drink, best enjoyed by the same hands that crafted it. Despite this fact, most respectable restaurants can manage a pretty good cup.