Q. Who would win in a fight between a shark and a lion on the moon?

A. The lion.

The lion has more natural weapons than the shark, and would most likely be more adept at navigating the terrain. The moon is much more like the lions natural habitat than the sharks. Lions can walk on moon. In a fight between a lion and a shark that had lived their whole lives on Earth would be a stalemate. They would both die as lack of oxygen caused basic cell function to cease, and the heart and brain stopped working. Outfit each creature with a sort of breathing apparatus however, and the fight becomes loads more interesting.

The reduced gravity of the moon may lend itself to the shark’s natural swimming patterns, whilst a lion may be put off by the change. The shark would be put at a disadvantage while it is charging. It must charge headfirst and therefore leave its head vulnerable, while a charging lion would jump arms extended and paws foreword. This sort of approach allows the lion to easier pin the shark and expose its soft underbelly. The lion also has a psychological advantage. It can bellow out a menacing roar that the shark just can't top, the roar leaves the shark quaking in its little fins. Now allow me to broach the topic of a shark and lion naturally adapted to moon combat. The shark in all its lithe shark grace, would slice through the vacuum of space like a hot knife through butter. Its speed would be unparalleled. The lion would have mastered jumps dodging and all manner of agile techniques to stay out of danger.

Since the only conceivable reason for a shark and a lion to be born and bred on the moon is for their lives to culminate in an epic deathmatch, both creatures would have intensely honed killer instinct. The Earth lion's sense of pride might stop it from killing the shark outright, but not the moon lion. Neither animal would feel a shred of remorse for taking the other's life. The melee would no doubt rail on for millennia until the Chinese send up their first manned lunar mission. The deadly duo would take care of the crew mercilessly, and at that moment they would both realize the full extent of the truly awesome power they possess. They would set their sights on Earth and begin an epic conquest of the planet using their superior fighting skills to utterly annihilate all life on the planet. They would then bask in the glory of a land all their own. The shark and lion would train on the stronger gravity of Earth and become even more destructive than they were previously. The final battle would peak in a maneuver so glorious in its might that the shark doesn't even die of its wounds. It dies from the total humbling experience of seeing the lion so masterfully destroy its foe the shark. And that's why the lion beat the shark.