I received a CD from my guitar teacher with the albums "The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society" and "Lola Vs. The Powerman and The Money-go-round Part 1". When I got home that night I listened to it four times over. I was completely enthralled by the wonderful music. I listened to the albums with a discerning ear, picking out the themes and admiring the vicious satire The Kinks could manage to put into their songs.

I must have listened to it well over 100 times and my favourite song off of it is "last of the steam powered trains". "Contenders" though not on the Village Green Preservation Society album is also a wonderful song. It has that completely beautiful melody in the beginning, then slams into that loud intense up in your face riff that is so contradictory to the beginning, but it just fits so well I couldn't see the song going any other way. , lyrically and musically brilliant both albums are and nearly nothing makes me feel better than to put that CD on crank up the volume and just rock out. And in the immortal words of Mr. Ray Davies "Don't wanna be a constructor of highways sleeping on sidewalks I gotta go my way."

(It was considered GTKY so I put it here)