Don't let Uberfetus kid you, you don't have to acquire knowledge of the back roads from your father. Your motorcyclist friend doubtless knows of the twistiest, longest, most redundant roads to nowhere within a days ride. (s)he probably rode along at least one of them last weekend and will do so again next weekend.

Upon acquiring their first motorcycle and a minimal level of competence, a motorcyclist will be drawn to the nearest such road by a mechanism that remains mysterious to this day but probably involves disturbances in the earths magnetic field created by the bends in the road. My theory is that the traffic upon the road, being made largely of metal, crosses lines of magnetic flux creating a miniscule disturbance that can nonetheless be detected subconsciously by motorcyclists in much the same way that pigeons find their way home

Upon any given weekend, they can be found risking life and limb is search of the perfect line. Sometimes singly and at other times in groups, motorcyclists flock to back roads not on their way to a destination but because such roads are their destination. A means and an end in itself.

Here's to back roads! the twistier the better.