My cat has this well-trained habit – she waits for my alarm before saying good morning. Nice cat. So this morning’s alarm went off as usual, and as usual my cat jumped up next to my pillow and followed through with a soprano mrrrreeo. Then she rubbed her soft, whiskered cheeks against my face and did a swift pivot, as cats are apt to do, and suddenly I was face to face with a giant chunk of cling-on cat shit.

Now, if you can forget the banality of it all (I can’t, but maybe you can), the humor (ok, I’m laughing now), and the sheer annoyance at seeing and smelling feces as your first breath of the day, you’ll realize something –

If your day begins with shit, it can only get better.

This is called optimism.

A devoted Star Wars fan’s six-word review of Attack of the Clones:
Didn’t vomit like after Episode One.

A devoted Star Wars fan's six-word musing on the films thus far:
Lucas: ingenious writer to total shmuck.

My beautiful and beloved wife's notes on the love dialogue:
"...with all that 'it hurts to be away from you' stuff, it sounded like the cheesy pickup lines you hear in bars, like he (Anakin) was trying REAL hard to get laid. Either that or it was just some gawd-awful melodrama. I can definitely see why one reviewer said 'the dialogue won’t win any writing awards.'"

Just_Tom, if Attack of the Clones is a 9/10, then what's a movie like The Godfather or even the original Star Wars? 15/10? I'm not trying to start a debate here, because nodes aren't for debating (that's what the little thing called a chatterbox is for), but Attack of the Clones is glaringly average, even WITH all the hyper-expensive special effects (something that should help support a movie, not act as it's bloody foundation).
/end rant