Upon meeting me for the first time she said,

"Hi, I'm Rosanne. I'm a doctoral student graduating magna cum laude this May . I also model in New York during the summer and winter breaks."

"Yes she does," chimed in her silicone.

" I just got back from a Speedo shoot in Maui. Who are you?"

To which I replied,

"God. But only when speaking to Charles Manson. I find it establishes a firm power relationship that makes me feel secure in my fragile little life. He thinks he's Jesus and so I'm God and we get along fine in the prison atmosphere."

To which her silicone replied,

"I don't get it," and seemed a tad deflated.

And I thought,

Perhaps sarcasm isn't the best way to open a conversation with someone you just met. But then again, some people just ask for it.