I’m still settling into E2, but I think I learned a serious and valuable lesson yesterday –

This place is geared toward factual nodes

When and if you node creatively, you better be extremely careful – E2 isn’t always receptive and will be sure to let you know. But not only that, the limitations of E2 will never let you know why - you just garner downvotes. I’m not criticizing E2; this is just the way everything is set up. Fine. The point is that this setup makes it inherently geared toward factual nodes

So I’ll be sticking to factual and philosophical nodes from now on. Except for these logs (Day and Dream), which are a wonderful part of E2.

The Lesson is Learned

Node Comment: Hugs to humbabba for taking a real shitty experience and producing a witty node out of it - how to get mugged.