Woke up in my high-rise apartment in the center of the city, about 2 miles from the naval dockyard. Read a coupla Tintin books. Looked out the window: there seemed to be something a bit weird-looking across at the dockyard--then, with the help of binoculars, I realized it was a (U.S. Navy) aircraft carrier. With a bunch of different kinds of (U.S.) military aircraft on its decks. Was so stunned I got dressed right then and rushed down to the park that's across from the dockyard, and took a ton of photographs of the carrier. It's huge, about 8 times the size of an ordinary Navy battleship. When I came home I just stared at it again for ages. An ocean liner went by and it was a baby compared to that aircraft carrier. Seeing it is like seeing the Death Star in real life.