The annual Sydney-Hobart yacht race. After reading in VANITY FAIR about last year's race (in which boats were lost and crewmembers perished in storm and high seas), I wanted to see the start of this year's. Watched it through binoculars, from a skyscraper in the city.

Two hours before the 1 p.m. race start, spectator craft were already getting into prime position near the starting line in Sydney Harbor. In the last couple of weeks I'd seen the Harbor waters covered (so I'd thought) with yachts and launches, but it was nothing compared to the sight today, fifteen minutes before the starting time. And there were 16 helicopters and a Goodyear blimp hovering overhead. Realized that some of the race yachts were ones I'd seen plying to and fro in the last week or so.

Should've gone to Sydney Heads, where there were large crowds waiting to see the yachts sail through and into the open seas, but I still had that eyestrain (or whatever) from Xmas eve, so sunlight was like death.

The sky was covered with a layer of cloud, but that cloud was glowing bright like it was radioactive. After the boats left the Harbor and set off to sea, went back to bed with sunglasses on and the drapes open.