Incident: The day a man claiming to be Jesus started a conversation about the colour of the sky with himself.

Method of transportation: Bus.

Place: Manchester.

And I had to sit down next to him. People with bags piled on the seats next to them hadn't the decency to move them near their feet and budge up, but rather sneered at me as I sat down next to the most insane of people I've ever had the displeasure of "meeting". "Hello, my name is Jesus... the sky is blue today.. it was grey yesterday.. oh the wonders of life", I replied "yes" to his statement and attempted to block myself out of the situation and carry on reading my newspaper, an article "homosexuals in The UK" about an apparent struggle that it is to lead a normal life against the discrimination against homosexuals.

A young lady behind me started to giggle, and I started to sweat. If the humiliation of having to listen to a nutjob buzzing my ear wasn't enough, now I had to cope with being laughed at for reading a not very interesting article of which I was reading to mask my humiliation and use to block anybody else attempting to talk to me.

Bad move. I turned the page and there it was, a picture filling the entire of page 7 of a drag queen promoting a new drag club in town. The girl laughed even harder, my eyes were burning and my face red as a tomato at this point.

Now as a straight male, Im obviously not very secure with my sexuality so this hurt my ego significantly. The man was now banging his head against the window and I felt a headache coming on. I had to escape.

I got off at a stop half a mile from my usual stop, lit up a cigarette and said goodbye to the whole ordeal as it drove down the road.

That's the last time I'll get on one of those "peasant wagons" I told myself, but it was the first of many.

Ahh public transport and the humiliating events that it can bring.