Eamus Catuli

Visiting The Friendly Confines, one will likely notice a particular rooftop venue, over the right field wall, that has the phrase Eamus Catuli above a series of numbers. Many are aware, but perhaps just as many are not clued-in as to what the meaning of the sign is.

Essentially, the Latin phrase itself can be roughly translated as "Let's Go Cubs".

The numbers are preceded by the letters "AC", which can be considered a bastard cousin of the more common "BC" and "AD" - in this case taken to be "The Year of the Cub".

Then come the numbers. Though written as a group of six, they are to be taken as three sets of two (##-##-##), not unlike the common shorthand for today's date (e.g., 06-30-04). In order, they refer to the number of years...:

Since the last Division Title (01)

Since the last National League Title (59)

Since the last World Series Title (96)

Needless to say, the latter two sets of numbers just seem to get bigger and bigger with no end in sight. To clarify, today's sign would read AC015996. Some would chide that they might just as well replace the last two numbers with the sideways eight symbol used to represent infinity - which, while demonstrating one's lack of understanding the concept of infinity, would nonetheless get a snicker or two out of enough people to almost justify doing so.