Wraith: The Oblivion is an RPG published by White Wolf. Wraith is the story of the restless dead and their time in the Shadowlands. The characters in W:tO are held to the earth by their passions (driving goals) and fetters (objects they feel connected to). Considering Wraith is technically not set in our world (parts are parts aren't), White wolf deserves some praise for fleshing out the world so well. The geography of Wraith includes a darker version of our world where only the dead may walk, the great city of Stygia (assembled from the wreckage of the great cities of time), and the Tempest (a great storm that awaits any opportunity to claim the Shadowlands. Wraith also contains excellent faction systems, good rule mechanics, and plenty of back story. Unfortunately the W:tO story has come to an end, White Wolf has cancelled the line. If you are interested, now is the time.