Hunter: The Reckoning an RPG released by White Wolf. The game is the story of the few people in the world to be imbued. The Imbued are those who have been chosen by The Messengers to combat the evil that has seeped into our world. Gifted with "edges", supernatural powers that aid the Imbued, and the ability to see monsters for what they are, the hunters each deal with the supernatural in their own way. H:TR divides the imbued into seven different creeds. Each creed uses a different method in it's nightly activity. Hunter runs the spectrum from Violence (the Avenger creed) to Redemption (the Redeemer creed) and everything in between. Hunter is rapidly fleshing itself out (the game was only released in mid-1999) and catching up with White Wolf's other games in terms of quality story. Expect to see a lot more (like the upcoming Exalted).