Some people just deserve to be hated. Last night at work I decided that the way to make my life easier would be to convieniently dispose of my coworker. All he does is sit around and chat with customers, never actually doing what we're paid for. When it comes time to stack chairs at the end of the night, he follows everyone else around and moves their stacks. He constantly reuses what I'm assuming are bad catchphrases, like "Eeeeeeeasy loose horse". He thinks everyone likes him (except me) and always shows up late and leaves early. Sometimes he will sit down and do his homework while still on the clock. The only reason he still has the job is because his uncle is the boss. Is it legal for me to run over his foot in the parking lot? *g*

On a completely seperate note I realized that the rare occasions when I eat breakfast it is normally high quality crap like Doritos. The only reason I qualify it as breakfast is because of the time I eat it. Therefore, I will be taking bets as to whether I have a heart attack or a bad case of scurvey first.