During my junior year in high school, I worked in a Checkers joint. Sorry I can't call them restaurants, for those who have never been to one, they have no place to sit at, it is just walk up or drive-thru. Anyway...

One day I came back from my break to find everyone clustered in one area except for; the manager, who was standing by the drive-thru window talking to someone, and one guy who was on the phone. So I asked one of my co-workers what was going on.

"We are being held up," she said.
(Note: This windows was on the other side of the building from the entry. So I never noticed anything strange before I entered.)

No one knew why the manager hadn't given them money yet, but we just stood there all scared to death. The guy finished on the phone (calling the police) and came to stand with us. Finally our manager simply closed the window and the car sped off into the night. None of us knew what had gone on, no money had changed hands and yet the people in the car had simply left.

One of my co-workers had the presence of mind to ask the manager just what had happened.

All the manager said was, "They had a knife".