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Originally, the word hound came from the German word hund, meaning dog. Now, hounds are one of the seven dog breed categories. This group was bred to aid hunters. Unlike gun dogs who were only bred to find, move, or retrieve animals; hounds actually pursue and catch their quarry.

This group of dogs can further be broken down into:

  • Sighthounds - Pursue their prey primarily by sight. These dogs tend to be tall and lean, and run extremely fast.
  • Scenthounds - Pursue their prey primarily by smell. These dogs are usually stockier than their sighthound cousins.

Of course, some hounds use a combination of sight and smell, but all of them have a predisposition for independent pursuit of mammals from rabbits and foxes to deer and elk. Law enforcement officials commonly use scenthounds when searching for missing people or criminals. Hunters must be prepared to allow the dog to lead since they were bred to do their own thing rather than wait for commands from their human masters. This is not to say that hounds cannot be trained - they are very intelligent and loyal dogs. They need a lot of play and exercise, and traditionally do not make good city dogs since they need space to run rather than be tethered by a leash. Hounds are also known for baying. They instinctually produce this loud and distinct noise, which can be troublesome for owners who are not prepared to deal with it. The baying of some dogs can literally be heard for miles, and was originally useful for hunters to track the location of their dogs.

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