Here's what worked for me.

I finally realized one balmy evening that people had been referring to me for my entire life as though I was my body, or my name. I am not my body, I am my mind. Remember what Tyler Durden said in Fight Club? About how you are not your fucking khakis or the contents of your wallet? He was right.

As implied above, I am also not my name. After I mentally detached from my name, I was able to get better in touch with who I was. A name is nothing but a label, a convenient handle for people to use when referring to me. It is utterly irrelevant to who I am.

Then I looked back on the life I'd lived, the different eras, and I picked up a little essence from each. Then, I knew myself for who I was, and because I knew myself, I was able to be myself. It was like a tiny slice of Nirvana, like - as Guynan said in Star Trek Seven or whichever it was - being inside happiness.

I don't know whether all that will work for you, but good luck.