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mission drive within everything
contribute my personal wealth of stuff whilst being bored
audio stuff, RPG, philosophy
going back to Canterbury High
do something helpful, and do it reasonably well
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uh... in summary, stuff. but that's not bloody descriptive, is it?

Perfectionist to the bitter end, but cursed with procrastination and a slight lack of serotonin.
not to mention a poor physique, but we all know who's to blame for that.
love philosophy. but haven't had time to do so at length... soon to be changed.
finishing OACs, then going to OIART ASAP...
very picky. might be a perfectionist, but really doesn't care that much.
especially critical of music. can sing pretty good. loves his vocal cords. drink lots of water.
big on RPGs of all types, though not familiar with many. DM D&D for three friends, Hans, Curtis, & Brad.
known by friends as "god of incompetence"... must repair this rift in reputation... ah, who cares... ;)
i like my bed. and my stereo. and my collection of stylish shirts. and my friends' computers...
yes, that is plural... my computer cannot compare to any of my buddies' computers.
did i say perfectionist? i probably didn't mean that.

Oh! and i'm not a real doctor. but a man can dream, right?
aside from that... stuff. ask me if you want more. cheers :D