(line breaks are pauses for breath, in in alternating lisping, whining, booming style)

I'm eating tapas in Chiapas with el sup
With my brand new recipe for stone soup
I got the rest of you internet MCs neck deep in the warm green baby poop.
I'd rawtha kiss you than diss you... but
Lord Vishnu
help you if you ak a fool.
Cause I won't miss you, when I huck slugs (verbal-wise)
de me máquina
That is de mi blunderbuss
The rumbles from my jungle are thunderous
The semi-precious stones of my ineffable logic are wonderous
I am a lyrical snuffleupagus
I wear a mesh back.
I walkedabout the outback
with a keg of whiskey in my rucksack
I lost my punk rock belt in Tazzie so sometimes you see my asscrack
I encountered a spider, he mouthed off, I got pissed
I severely disrupted his chi with the Brooklyn galaxy fist
Do you liiikkkke american muuussssic?(sung)
Well tough shit.
A dit dot dit dot dit
Dat's right I also rap in morse code
I got the sniffles in Sweden, thus a Norse cold.

I'd like to say peace and love on the playground to Love's Army and mi primo
Hilarious Bookbinder

(throws mic to the ground, points to it and says "that's hot, don't touch it")