How to use to subvert the conventional idea of attractiveness

In general the problem with sites that take polls of the general public is that people tend to be sheeplike and schlump along with the herd, this is the same reason BTW that people who voted for Nader are getting yelled at by Goreistas, because they didn't vote for the winner (or the guy more likely to win). Why are Americans obsessed with being on the winning team? What happened to the underdog? All this newfound economic good luck has ruined our taste, I find. But back to Am I hot or not, all the blond skinny white girls get voted up along with the obviously stolen images of Asian pr0n girls in their underpants. Therefore all the people who already think they are hot are confirmed in this stupid idea and all the conventionally unattractive people (round, short, weird, old) are voted down, confirmed in their feelings about themselves.

We have a big problem in American culture (and other places but in America especially) with how young women view their role in the world. Many many girls think that they must look like the women in fashion magazines. This leads to sexual insecurity, to girls seeking approval in ways that are dangerous to them. To countless eating disorders (yes eating disorders on the face are such a terrible example of how culturally sick we are in the first place, but to suffer from one is a horrible horrible thing). Generally we should be trying to convince people that being unique and interesting is what is important in this world. We don't need more conventionally good looking people, we have reached saturation... To examine this look at women film stars of the 20's and 30's. Yes they had their own "look" but it was a lot more natural, and certainly not the buffed silicon sex droids that we worship now. Hell, Mae West was a sex symbol and that girl weighed 220 if she weighed a pound.

SO.. go to the site and keep a browser window open, then just vote against what you think most people are voting for. Vote down cleavage and pouty looks and girls with conventional good looks. Ruin the curve as it where. Vote up old people, vote up fat people and too skinny people and drunken trailer trash. Vote for the loonies and the sad blurry little pictures of peoples highschool sweethearts. If you don't agree with me fine, then just do it to fuck with people, that is fun too. I have this image of all these cheerleader types logging in and being a little bummed cause they only got an 8.9 instead of a 9.5 or a 10. Maybe then they will consider that chasing after the consensus view of perfection will not get them as far as they thought and maybe they will decide to use their sexuality to please themselves instead of others. Probably not though. But maybe one of the low not so good looking people will login and have jumped to a 2 and feel good knowing someone out there likes their looks, which is probably more important than having everyone like you anyway. Who knows, I like voting on things, I like looking at strange candid pictures of weirdos and I like screwing with the squares and this is a nice way to do it. And all you conventionally attractive people out there, don't worry. We still like you.