Coffee, American Spirits, Fresh Samantha Desperately Seeking C. Solid food is for suckers. Listening to the only good song (IMHO) by Van Morrison, T.B. Sheets. So I guess I find things to be mostly under control.

But I would like to complain for a second about the herb who softlinked my node about the Chrysler Lebaron to the "avoid highly subjective nodes" node. Listen you dildo, I have read that node before and what I wrote is not on the list to be avoided. It's not a list of my favorite foods or a me too node or a getting to know you node. It's a jokey little node about whatever it's about. You wanna impress me then /msg me and kick my ass, I love to learn. But of course it's safer to softlink and avoid discussion right? Besides which you might as well softlink half the nodes In the DB under this undestanding

Ok . Thank Allah I didn't node a node about softlinking to that node.

Is there an E2 clique I can join that hates noding about noding? We could go around softlinking to insulting nodes about that.