Okay, so apparently I am the only person in Arkansas who knows and/or cares about everything2. Which doesn't really surprise me all that much.

A few things about me: Yes, I do wear shoes. I went to college and I use correct grammar. I am not a redneck, I am not a racist, I am not constantly pregnant. I did not get married at the age of 16. I do live in a mobile home, simply because I plan on moving soon, and did not want to pay for a whole house. It is nicely decorated, in a nice location, and my front yard does not contain cars on blocks or stoves that no longer work. I don't say ya'll, or "fixin", or ain't. I appreciate art, and culture, and strive to expand my mind on a daily basis.

Arkansas is actually quite beautiful, if you can get past the rednecks. Just be careful where you step...

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