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mission drive within everything
To learn while being entertained.
Philippians 4:13
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Dear fellow, much congratulations for getting to this bit
What a commendable whackin' job, you little piece of pie
Instructions below, each line a word, hope they go sans hitches
String together without missing any, you sons of mothers.

Backwards, I'm a brand of cigarettes
John Hancock
Frequently used instead of the word "have" in "could have" and "would have"
Otherwise known as Xiahou Dun
2006 film starring Adam Sandler and Kate Beckinsale
A three letter definite article, starting with t, ending with e, and having h as the second letter
Rhymes with weird, beard, feared, sheared, and leered.
Worth a thousand words.
To own.
Antonym of ennui
2006 Person of the Year
Nickname not in use by President Clinton
Short for "What Wikipedia is not" amongst nerds like Dissentor
As a substitute or replacement
Too little or too much of this modifier will result in rejection by an INTERCAL compiler
Military term for a kilometer
Son of Peleth

Rounded oblong block used in shoemaking
Marks the spot