I don't like naming names, but sometimes I have to.

To understand the present, one needs to know the past, so, Reader, I invite you to join me this past Saturday, to witness these scenes:

"Hi, is Kate there?"
"Sorry, she's working today, and I think she's going out tonight."
"Oh, that's alright. Can I leave a message?"
"Alright, just tell her that Rob called, and would like her to call him back before she goes out. She has my number."
"Will do."
"Thanks, goodbye."

"Hi, Rob, it's Kate calling."
"Oh, hey. What's up?"
"Not much."
"Cool. As you probably know, the clothing show is on this weekend, --"
"Oh, yeah."
"-- And I was wondering if you'd like to join me tomorrow down there."
"Oh, um... thank you very much for the invitation, but my boyfriend's in town this weekend."
"Oh, okay. Uh... I guess I'll see you at school, then."
"Okay then. Have fun. Bye."
People don't actually talk like that, do they? In words and phrases so carefully thought out and measured, not to offend.

So she has a boyfriend that she's never mentioned before. Never once since I met her so long ago. These things often go unmentioned, but let us join our duo months ago to learn the story.

"Did you love her?"
"Yeah. I did."
"Wow. I've never been in love before -- I would know, wouldn't I?"
"What I've been wondering is, what's the difference between a best friend who I'm sexual with, and a boyfriend?"
"Exclusivity... no, love."
"Right. I think you're right. I could never date someone unless I was very good friends with them -- I could never date someone unless I was in love with them."
Do you understand?