Reflections on 55 hours of singledom

Getting out of a relationship gone bad, after almost a year, is very much alike to hearing a relative you hated is dead. You're glad it's over, ("Woo! No more having to put up with Uncle Pete's shit about my hair!") but at the same time, you can't help but wonder if you couldn't've made amends, and, if you had, if the relationship would've been the most wonderful set of human interactions ever concieved of.

That's something about that - not just the lost potential, something else - that makes it so hard. The logical course of action is something drastic. Not something I know just yet, just something drastic.

So far I've been forgetting, or trying to forget. Drinking, playing video games, playing guitar. None of them particularly seem to work. I've pondered heroin addiction, but the process of injecting heroin disguists me. I've pondered suicide, but eventually decided that was letting the terrorists win.

I've thought about asking someone out, partially to see if I could be happy with them, and partially out of spite. The problem is, I can't leave everything behind to ask out one girl or another. It wouldn't feel right, and besides, anyone I would ask would know about my previous relationship, and I would like to avoid explaining my tale of woe until I find a woman content with being a rebound girlfriend.

So I remain single. Sitting here surrounded by strange books and stranger records. On E2.

My former girlfriend has a lead on a new relationship. I have a lead on moping about and playing Risk. So I guess we're even.

This is now, by far, my highest rated w/u. As far as I'm concerned, it's a pithy daylog and should wallow in the reaches of single-digit reputations. Anyone care to tell me why this daylog is so special? Really. /msg me if you can explain it.