A daylog! Fun. Never done one of these before.

I woke up this morning at about 8:00AM in Morgan's basement, on the foldout couch, beside Erin. Morgan was asleep in the chair beside us. All three of us were fully clothed. I'm not sure how exactly we got there. We were at James' party the night before, I know we got kicked out at around midnight. At that point we were all rather drunk, and the easiest to get to by TTC was Morgan's house, so we ended up there, I guess.

Anyroll, Erin woke up shortly after I did, and Morgan maybe 5 minutes after, and after complaining about our respective hangovers, Morgan, at his father's insistance, went out to get a loaf of bread, and Erin and I, who had been intending on spending the night at James', changed into the clothes we brought with us, and, upon Morgan's return, went upstairs to have breakfast and watch the tail end of the Senegal-Turkey soccer game.

I suppose we all must have been moving very slowly, because very quickly Erin and I realized we had to leave. A phone-call was placed to Erin's mother, who agreed to meet us at Lawrence station, drop me off at my house, and go run a few errands with Erin.

I got home by around noon, was greeted heartily by my parents, shaved, took a shower, grabbed a bite to eat, and headed out for a leisurely walk culminating in a haircut. My first in 6 months.

Logically, going from hair that's as long as mine was, the only thing to do is to get my hair cut as short as possible. Which is, basically, what I did. I can't recall my hair ever being as short as it is right now, it's maybe an inch or so long.

When I came home, my parents were gone. They left a note explaining that they've gone to the cottage for the night. Be back around 11:00AM tomorrow. So, I've got the house to myself for the evening.

Nancy was supposed to call me at around 2:00, or when she got home. Apparently she spent the night at her friend Sarah's apartment. It's about 3:30 now, she hasn't called me yet. She was going to organize an impromptu birthday party for me, but I can only get the impression that that isn't happening. Bear in mind, of course, that my birthday is in November.

Anyways, I've spoken to Erin on the phone, I've spoken to Morgan on the phone, and I've spoken to the Moleman on the phone. Erin will head over here when she's done with her days affairs, Morgan is waiting for news about the situation with Nancy, and the Moleman... well, he's himself. I spent all day with him yesterday, and we had a nice little chat on the phone.

So, that takes me to now. Now I'm typing a daylog. My first daylog ever. What are the odds of that?

What about the future? Well, Erin will be here tonight. It'll be the last time I see her before I leave for camp, I leave at around 2:00PM tomorrow. I'm working as a counsellor at Camp George, a Jewish summer camp near Parry Sound. I worked there last year, and had a good time. Then again, last year I didn't have a girlfriend back home to miss.

Either way, I'm coming back on August 14th. And, either way, Erin's going to miss me and I'm going to miss Erin. If I find myself in the city on a day off after Erin returns from Italy, I'll be sure to give her a call, and we'll have to meet up somewhere, somehow.

Today is June 22nd. This is the world from where I see it.