James is leaving in 10 days. December 17, 2002, he will be gone. Off to Ireland, it would appear.

Tonight we decided to have a bit of a farewell dinner for him. The ol' gang got together, and we went to the Keg Steakhouse - not the good one, mind you, the ghetto one by Sheppard Station - and had a grand ol' time.

We finished up, and got a ride from Roula, Steve's mom. Erin and I went to our respective abodes, Steve, Alex, and Nat went to Yonge & Eglinton to see if a movie was playing. I believe James and Morgan were going to meet up with them there, they were taking the TTC.

Now I'm home. My parents are having a work party downstairs, I'm up here on the computer.

I suppose I could sort out the records James' dad gave me. But I don't think I will.