Sometimes I'm strong.

Sometimes when I set my heart on a goal, I can achieve it, despite any or all adversity.

The past week has not been such a week. I have had one primary objective: ask out Kate. This has been my objective for several weeks now, but this week in particular.

My success rate is, amazingly enough, 0%. I fear I am entering the Friend Zone.

On Monday I didn't see her.

On Tuesday I spent hours with her. Everytime I was going to ask her out, we started discussing religion, love, sex, literature, relationships, or music and I couldn't bring myself to ruin the moment by doing something as foolish as ask her out.

On Wednesday I smiled as we passed eachother in the halls rushing to class.

On Thursday I didn't see her.

On Friday I spoke to her for 5 minutes as I was waiting for my friend Steve.

On Saturday I went to see the production of Hamlet at my school that she co-produced. I got to shake my fist at her in jest, and applaud her when she was called on stage at the end, and then she was off to the cast party or whatever and I came home.

Tuesday was my chance, and I blew it.

But you don't care.