This is a new version of the original citrus Mountain Dew that we all know and love. The classic yellow color has been replaced by a bright shade of crimson (thanks to Red 40).
Also, the flavor has been changed, and the bottle now boasts to have a "rush of cherry flavor." I must say that when I first found a bottle in the local convience store, I was both shocked and frightened. I had not seen any advertisements for this product, and I wondered if maybe this were a genetic freak that the Mountain Dew company had accidently created.
Its flavor can best be described as "a Shirley Temple with a kick." In taste it greatly resembeles Cherry 7-UP, but it still has the massive quantities of caffeine that were found in the original formula.
I drank one glass of this stuff at 5:00 p.m. and afterwards was only able to get four hours of sleep. This soda is a delicious new source of caffeine. So if you are interested in a soda that is bad for your mind, body and soul, you need look no further than that bright red can.