I'm sure everyone remembers Wiglaf the white knight from Final Fantasy Tactics. However, he is originally from the epic poem Beowulf. At the very end of the poem, Beowulf decides (in his advanced age) to battle a dragon that burned down his castle and terrorized his subjects. The dragon proves to be a much more worthy opponent than Beowulf intended. It makes matters worse thatBeowulf's sword breaks when he jabs the dragon's head with it. The dragon bites Beowulf in the neck, and the venom begins to course through his body.

Essentialy, the dragon produces a mighty stream of fire which Beowulf is stuck deflecting with his shield. Beowulf's men flee into the woods, leaving him for dead. However, Wiglaf does not run away, and dives into the battle. He thrusts his sword into the dragon's stomach, which ceases the stream of fire. At this point in the poem, Beowulf delivers the fatal blow with his dagger. Beowulf then dies of the wounds he suffered from the dragon.

Wiglaf wins fame and fortune for standing by his doomed king. In a sense, Beowulf's legacy is passed on to Wiglaf.