This is also the name of one of my all-time favorite rides in Disney World. It is situated in EPCOT's "World Showcase", more specifically in Norway. It is of the same genre as the classic ride "Pirates of the Caribbean."

You start off in a room with walls painted to depict the history of Norway. On the left there are dark forests, with creatures that appear to be trolls, and people sitting around a fire. This explains where some of the Norse mythology came from. On the right is a lighthouse, children playing, and an oil rig. After waiting in line in this room for twenty minutes or so, you board your Viking ship and the adventure begins!!!

You start by ascending a ramp, and hear the water sloshing under you. The room is completely dark, except for a single, glowing eye at the top of the hill, which represents Odin, the one-eyed god. He tells you menacingly that many before you have come this way and died, and many will do the same afterwards.

After that, there is a series of different scenes, such as early Viking sea explorers, and more people sitting around a fire. Along the way you encounter a three-headed ogre who curses your ship and sends you hurtling backwards and you see daylight coming out until you realize that you are approaching a rock-infested waterfall. It is at this point that you "regain" control of your ship and head forwards, away from the danger, into a decent drop, resulting in a rather large splash.

The ride ends in modern-day Norway and you walk out, a sea-faring Viking lost in a new world that changed while you were gone. But that's okay because there are plenty of gift stores here you can buy hand-made trolls and lots of delicious food.