I had some weird dreams last night. It is important to understand that I didn't really sleep at all well, and kept drifting in and out of sleep. The result was many sketchy, random dreams that didn't really go anywhere. The birds woke me up at 4:30 which is a shame because I don't have school today and was hoping to sleep in late. Oh well... here are some of the more interesting ones:

I'm riding along in a car with kajerm, and we approach a drawbridge. Everything's going fine, except there are no signs or red lights or anything to let us know whether or not the drawbridge is up. It appears to be raising to let a boat through, but the traffic all around us keeps going. We decide to continue, and just barely make it as the drawbridge opens. As if that were not enoug of a close call, immediately after we reach the other side, a group of Iraqi fighter jets fire missiles at the bridge, but don't destroy it. Later on in the dream, we have some wacky adventure involving a wrecking ball that I don't remember to clearly.

Another dream I had was that the grocery store had been selling weed for a rather long time... but it had been disguised as other things. For example, I remember quite clearly that the hash oil was really grenadine, and the buds were those small explosives you snap on the sidewalk. The really disturbing part is that in this dream I became a dealer (here's the kicker) because my mom told me to. Isn't that weird?

The last dream that I can remember with any clarity whatsoever is that I was noding and a bunch of gods who had created E2 /msg-ed me to say that they really liked my write-up. They were really cool, and later on I met them and they were all dressd like super heroes. The disappointing thing is that I can not remember what the name of the write-up was. I've been racking my brain to remember the topic for this glorious inspiration that appeared to me in a vision, but my hopes have yet to meet with fruition.